My Shoulders Really Dislikes Close Grip Bench Press

Today was suppose to be a light speed bench day, my shoulder told me otherwise…

WU- band pull aparts, hip flexor stretch





125X5… easy

125X5… easy

125X5… easy

125X5… good

125X5… good… felt a little discomfort in my shoulder

125X5… good… shoulder started to make a weird popping sound

125X5… hard… triceps were getting tired

125X5… hard

125X5… hard

125X4.75?… really hard triceps were done at this point and I couldn’t lock out the last rep.

The reason these were so rough on me was because I only had 30s rest between each set. This was my first time doing close grip with minimal rest and I know now my shoulder dislikes it and my triceps gave out sooner than I hoped. This is definitely something I need to work on, but need to stay concious of my shoulder since that was a pain I have not felt in a long while.

Flys + Skull Crushers- 20X10X3… was going to do 4 sets my shoulders told me otherwise so I stopped.

Tricep Extensions- 15X10X4



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