Moving On Too Light Paused Squats!

No complaints for today! I felt pretty awesome going into my workout today; no pain, no soreness and felt pretty darn fresh (especially for a Monday).  

WU- foam roller, hip flexor stretch, leg swings, BW Squats, fire hydrants







205X3… 2 second pause from here down… easy

215X3… easy

225X3… easy

235X3… easy

245X3… good

255X3… good

Box Squats (12″) – 325X10…(had a belt for this set). When Willie told me I’m shooting for 10, I kind just gave him that look like “are you fucking kidding me?!” But I sucked it up and went for it! By about rep 5 it became very hard to stay up straight and my breathing was all over the place, but I got back into rythmn somehow and I finished the set! I was amazed that I actually managed to push out 10 reps, so I’m feeling pretty awesome today!

Box Jumps- 6X5

Bulgarian Split Squats- 25X10X4

Ab Wheel- 15X3… was going to do 4 but couldn’t feel my core anymore.

12 week left until World’s in Vegas! It sure is creeping up fast, getting more and more excited as the days go.


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