Ch-Ch-Ch- Chains!

WU- agile 8’s, foam roller, hip flexor stretch, leg swing, BW squats







205X2… added chains here down (minus 1 link, ~ 60lbs @ the top)

205X2… easy

215X2… easy

215X2… easy

225X2… good

225X2… good, a little bit harder

235X2… hard but good

235X2… hard but good

245X2… hard

245X2… hard, was a little slower than I would have liked.

Plyo Bulgarian Split Squats 5X5

Overall, it was a pretty awesome day. Ascending sqauts get pretty challenging for me, so I was pretty happy with my performance yesterday. Oh and in case you are wondering how I scale my ” easy to hard” rankings here’s what I consider the ratings:

Scale from 1-10

1-3 easy

4-6 good

7-8 hard

9-10 grind

On another exciting note Canada won bronze in the female 63kg weight class with a solid 243kg! GO CANADA GO!   



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