Crazy 8’s!

Today was a light squat day, I felt loose, well rested and pretty darn good!

WU- foam roller, leg swings, BW squats, hip flexor stretch, agile 8’s








260X8… felt easy… but different?

260X8… Felt easy… but every rep felt different

260X8…Getting harder… still easy.. but still doesn’t feel normal

260X8…Harder… tilted forward slightly on the last few reps

This was definitely a very odd squat day for me; normally my squats all feel the same but some reps are harder than others… It was almost like my body wants to change position… also they felt a lot deeper than normal.., It might be due to how loose I was I’m not too sure yet. Again, I didn’t get a darn video… but I will next time just too see if there is a difference. Definitely wacky sets of 8 today, but they oddly all felt pretty good… WEIRD!

Modified Hack Squats (with swiss ball) 70X10X3

Ab Roller 15X3


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