Bench Day- PR Kinda Day

So lately (in case you haven’t been following my blog) I have been doing sets of 10 & 8’s the past few weeks, which I never really did beforehand so almost every workout I have is a PR which is pretty badass for me. Yesterday’s bench went pretty good.

WU- band pull aparts, hip flexor stretch








170X6… triceps burnt out and couldn’t grind out the last 2.

2 Board…



Circuit: 10 chins with purple band, 10 dumbell push press with 35lbs- 5 rounds for time: 12:13mins

* I have to take it easy on the push press, I have a nerve problem and it’s giving me shooting pain all down the right side of my arm. I really have to focus on solid warmups on bench days.

dips & tricep entensions: 10X3, 10X10X3

* By the end of workout I had nothing left in my triceps but on the bright side they were pretty jacked and looked badass. Overall, great day.



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