Reverse Band Squats

Today was rough. Since it was hot as stink outside, everything felt that much harder.

WU- foam roller, leg swings, hip felxor stretch, BW squats

WU FRNT SQT          WO BK SQUAT (red bands wrapped around 2X)

BarX8                         225X3                       225X3

105X5                        225X3                        225X3

145X4                        225X3                        225X3

BK SQT                     225X3                        225X3

205X2                       225X3

225X1                       225X3


*Time: 14:16s, 45s- 1.5mins rest between sets. All reps felt pretty solid a little slow but no complaints

I was running short on time so I just did bulgarian split squats and stretched quickly.

Bulgarian Split Squats- 20X10X3

* I’m pretty pumped for the weekend since Vanessa Gale is down in Ottawa for the weekend and I get some more Pretty Strong attire! Happy Canada Day everyone!


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