“Catch Up Tuesday”

So since I’ve slacked off for the past 3 days I really had it in for today. I not missed Saturday but I missed yesterday as well… Willie didn’t like that too much… So he made me pay for it.

WU- leg swings, agile 8’s, BW Squats, foam rolling

WU Back Squat           WO                       WU Bench     WO

BarX8                        210X10                   BarX8            125X10                             

145X5                        210X10                  95X5              125X10

195X3                        210X10                  110X3             125X10

                                  210X10                                          125X10


If that wasn’t already enough… I hear the words “Slam Ball + Pushups”… As my jaw drops when I’m going to pick up the ball… he finishes his sentence… oh “btw different from last week 6 rounds of 10 each…. FMLX10… For the average person this would be alright… since my conditioning is a sack of crap… this was worse then both squats and benches combined… but I know I need practise so there went my 8:14s of death.

Slam Ball 30lbsX10 + PushupsX10- 6 rounds

Overall, sets felt relatively easy and I was happy with the day, well besides the whole I can’t feel my triceps or my legs anyomore thing… but hey it happens to the best of us.


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