“Volume, Volume, Volume!” – Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Today was a light squat day (50%) and oh boy…there aren’t words to describe how much I do not miss volume! I’m still a bit still from the weekend… Needless to say I gave it a go!

WU             WO

barx 5         200×10

95×4           200×10

135×3         200×10


*Sets went well, by the last set and last few reps I legs felt a little jelly but it was an easy day.


30lbsx30  (5 rounds with 15s rest)

“Back On The Grind” – Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Today was my first day back since the competition. I was suppose to train yesterday but unfortunately I still felt like I got hit by a truck. I was feeling much better today so I decided to train. Today was a very light bench day (50-60%)

WU           WO

45×8         115×10

95×6         115×10




*All sets felt nice and smooth and I did not have a problem… UNTIL… Willie tells me I’m doing a little bit of conditioning (my worst nightmare)

Slam Ball (25lbs) with Pushups


After 5 mins of agony and feeling like I was going to die I finally did it!

1 Arm Shoulder Press (rotating)


“It’s Go Time!” – Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

This past weekend I competed at the CPF Pro RAW Nationals in Waterloo, Ontario. The past couple nights before I had god awful sleeps and was unsure on how I’d do. While driving up from Ottawa, Friday June 1st, I was in a panic to make my weight class… In the morning I weighed in @ 180.6, leaving me only 0.4lbs to spare. Since it was a 6hr Drive (due to traffic) I decided it was best I did not eat until I weighed in, I was stressed out in the entire car ride… All I could think was “WHEN DO I GET TO EAT?!”… Finally, after 6hrs we made it there, I weighed in @ a whopping 178.2lbs (81kg). The stress was gone and it was time to refuel and bring on the food!

After a crappy night sleep, it was game time! Lifting started @ 11:30am Saturday morning. I had every possible emotion possible, excited, anxious, nervous, aggressive… you name it! After a long but fantastic day of lifting I’m happy to say I met some pretty amazing lifters, supporters and people! I ended up wining overall best RAW female lifter without my coach Willie Albert present (Owner of Dynamo Barbell), I was very nervous since it was my first time not having my coach there to handle me. I ended the day with:

Squat: 369.2lb (167.5kg)

Bench: 198.2lb (90kg)

Deadlift: 440.7lb (200kg)

Total: 1008.5lb (457.4kg)

Overall, I had a fantastic day, met a lot of great people, met my goal and most importantly Dynamo Barbells lifters represented Crossfit O-town. Congratulations to phenomenal lifters from all teams and congrats to the MOFO Barbell team for such a great turnout. Great Lifting Everyone!

Here is a video of the footage (numbers are slightly off in the video):


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